A simple logo doesn’t need to look like a minimalist design from the 60s and 70s. While that aesthetic has its uses, “simple” is a word that covers a broader range of design than minimalism alone. A simple logo can revolve around a pared down design, clean typography or even a basic concept.

Simple logos are often a more impactful choice than more complex ones because of their ability to communicate concise concepts quickly. As basic as a simple logo might appear in its construction, there are many ways to create one. That’s why we’ve rounded up some simply wonderful examples from our community for your inspiration!

Simple typographic logos


by BlindB

by ludibes

by cindric  

by ludibes

Forget symbols and icons. Typographic logos are about as simple as it gets. Choosing this simple approach can focus attention to certain aspects of your logo. Take for example the Lux logo, which draws the eye to the wonderful balance of straight lines and curved lines within the typographic characters.

Simple typography can be useful to businesses whose brand lends itself to form, shapes or art. With its simplicity it allows other aspects of design to shine. In another example, the Fertila logo uses a basic modern sans serif typeface without elaboration. This simple treatment creates space for the soft blue color to define the brand. In other words, if your brand uses color to represent your values, this is a technique to consider.

Simple line drawings

by Gorcha

by V_Design

by ludibes

by bayuRIP

by Skilline

by trinitiff

Another simple approach is line drawing. Lines are the basis of typography, drawing and illustration. Their fundamental nature can be applied to basic ideas, so if you are trying to capture a concept that typography alone can’t spell out, this is a good place to start. Using simple lines can also help to pare down more complex ideas. One great example of this technique can be seen in 99designer Skilline’s depiction of a simple beach seen with a surfboard, waves and sunrise/sunset.

Simple illustrated logos

by ludibes

by graphitepoint

by Linepeak

by Ricky AsamManis

by gaga vastard

Illustration goes one step further than line drawing in that it incorporates fills and color. Despite these additional design elements, illustration can be just as simple! Take for example how the logos for Bearbull and Newsic create some nice negative space with minimal color fills, or how the logo for LearnerLab illustrates a cute and simple scene which features a staircase leading you into a book.

Simple geometric logos


by ludibes

by shaka88

by Kelly Norman

by Mad pepper

by c h a n c e

by Diqa

Simple geometry is a design style that can be manifested through typography, line drawing, illustration or any combination of these categories. Geometry’s simplicity comes from its mathematical resolution. In other words, geometric shapes hit you with a sense of clarity through the connection of points, the perfect curves and the completion of shapes.

A great example of simple geometric logo design can be seen in 99designer Mad pepper’s logo design for 3 Seeds Juicery. For a company that prides itself in simple and pure ingredients, rendering 3 seeds with geometric shapes was a smart and effective design choice.

Simple logo concepts

by JanaKah

by KisaDesign

by Mat W

by shaka88


Simplicity in logo design doesn’t rely entirely on the execution of a design. It can stem from the logo concept itself. Take for example the logo for DL MAXX General Contractors, which features a repeating outline of a house. This repetition within the design immediately makes you think about the simple concept of building houses. In another example, the logo for Feel Good features a smiling soccer ball, which makes you think about a very simple idea—the joy of playing soccer. No question: sometimes all you need for a really effective logo is to focus on a simple concept.

In a complex world with complex businesses, it’s a simple logo that can help you to give your ideas loads of impact. A really clever way to say a lot with very little!

Written by workerbee

Workerbee is a self taught designer from the east coast with a relentless curiosity in all realms of life. 99designs profile: workerbee.
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